Monday, June 21, 2010

Our wonderful group with Kelly and Promise (hugging the swing.)
The gang again. . .silly Promise!

Seeing our 'worksite' for the first time

They own chickens. . .and let them run free. (There are two here. Can you spot them?)

First time I have ever seen a chicken in a tree.

Working on the back trailer. (Notice all the lattice work that needs to be painted.)

John and Brady working on the front porch.

Erich and Kelly taking down wires and putting up facing.

The back porch painting crew!

The boys on the roof. . . .

Mr Kimsey with Kelly & Promise (and we think Mr. 'Kims' brother.

Sara(h) squared painted themselves into a corner. . .literally!

Promise helps them out. :)

Mr & Mrs. Kimsey with the whole group!

The path to get to our cabins. (It is seriously steep!)

Caitlin rocking out the game!

Congrats Caitlin!

Worship music with 'piggy back' dancing!

Promise & Caitlin with half of Sara's group!

Maureen & Sarah getting into the act!

Our cabinet. . .there really isn't a closet!

A look at one side of the cabin.

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  1. Lookin good Daniel! What a's bloomin hot here and the upstairs is toasty! No lake to toss you in! hhaha. tell Mary Poppins hi! Grndma is willing to bake more cookies!!!!! Macadamian Nut!