Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Ready to Depart

Hi Friends!

We are so glad you stopped by! Saint Michael Parish in Sharonville is getting ready to send a team of missionaries to Copperhill, TN for a week of service, fun, and adventure! We leave this Sunday, June 20th after the 8am mass for the 6 1/2 hour drive to Whitewater Express; the outpost where we will be staying. We are getting excited about the trip and ask that you continue to pray for us as our journey continues. (The people going are John C, Brady E, Emily E, Daniel K, Megan L, Olivia M, Caitlin M, Sarah M, Sara P, Alanna S, Maureen S, Erich G, John A, and me!)

We are attending a mission camp through a group called Team Effort. There will be over 200 teens there from many denominations. Our teens are looking forward to meeting new people and doing God's work in the Appalachian community. While they are not 100% sure what we will be doing when we get there, Christina and Will (the camp directors) asked if we would be willing to put on a roof and a couple of decks. (A little scary for someone not so sure of heights. Maybe I will just hand up the tools.) The teens are thrilled and will be great at it!

The outpost where we are staying has a satellite computer and assures me that I will be able to get on and blog about our trip, so stay tuned and feel free to leave us a message. (I will make sure the teens get them on a daily basis!)

Thanks for all of your support in getting us to this point. Please know that you are in our prayers every day.

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