Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Four and on the Floor. . . .

Hooray for a good night of sleep! The screens worked wonderfully and it was a little cooler because of the rain. All of us met up at the end of the boardwalk to trek to breakfast, and pray for a wonderful day. This morning was the first meal that most of us disliked. While it sounds good, we had omelets with cheese-wiz, mushy tator tots, and (I swear!) little baby metts. (We thought they were sausages, but nope, they tasted just like metts.) Kind of like the little sausages you put in BBQ sauce at parties. :)

After loading up the van and truck with our allotment of water, we took off for the work site. (We started a little late because I had to run back to the cabin and get the camera. . .and one of the younger girls in another group was very homesick and was crying by herself in the cabin. I couldn't just leave her, so maybe God knew I needed to forget my camera today. :)

We went back to Minister Galloway's home and got started. We worked (in 97 degree heat) on the outside decks. We finished building, scraping, and framing the front porch also. We left around one (an hour late) to go to a restaurant named Zaxby's that Promise and Kelly raved over. (It was kind of a cross between B-dubs and Chick-fil-a). It was good, but kind of spicy for some of our teens. (I tried fried pickles for the first time. . . .they were good, but better with ketchup. haha)

After lunch we went back to the Galloway's and continued on the deck/porch. We stayed through our free time in order to get more done, and made it back just in time for dinner. It is really fun to spend dinner time together outside. I am amazed at how well everyone gets along. We really have a neat group.

After we scarfed down our food, half of us left to go back to the Galloways to get a jump start on tomorrow. (We gave the teens the option to go or stay with Maureen and Promise because it was so hot, and some were just not feeling well.) As we were driving by their bank, the reader board stated that was 6:15pm and 91 degrees. . . .when is it 91 at 6pm?? We finished the back deck totally, primered the front porch railings, framed in the screen door and hung it, took the screen off the door so it could be painted tomorrow, and cleaned off the floor so we could primer and paint it also.

Butch, the contractor, stopped by and said how amazed he was at how good it looked. We laughed and asked him what he expected. He said that while most groups said they knew what they were doing, most didn't. We did phenomenal and he was extremely pleased. At 7:30, Kelly's alarm went off and she said we had to stop because at this time, team effort counselors all over the world stopped to pray. It was neat to be with her and get to experience this. . .although, we thought she had to be with the other counselors and about had a heart attack thinking we made her miss it to be with us. She explained that wasn't the case. They just prayed where ever they were. We left right after prayer to get back to camp in time for worship.

Promise led the music tonight and he is amazing. He plays the piano, drums, and guitar. Unfortunately for us, the projector wasn't working, so the words weren't available. The rest of the groups seemed to know all of the music, so maybe I need to use more music in our ministry with the teens. :) Our teens were very respectful and listened intently, but to be honest I don't think any of our hearts were in it. It was a video that wasn't the best (let the teens tell you about the 30 different screen shots, etc) and the prayer leader at the end wasn't sure of herself and kept getting lost in her bible. It was sooooo hot and yet the teens never complained.

After worship, we did our group time, and I just couldn't see making them stay in the hot room any longer. Instead of doing our quiet personal devotions, I had them pick a partner that they weren't close to and go for a fifteen minute walk talking about what they had gotten out of this trip so far, and how they would live the changes when they got home. When they got back, we had a great discussion about how it was easy to be a Catholic Christian here because everyone was so faith filled and all about God. It is so much harder to keep it up when you get home. (Something tells me these teens will prevail though!) We did our Hey Gods, Yah Gods, and Mad Props and sent them to the showers.

We are planning on getting up early to get to the Galloway's at 8am so we can get lots done before we leave to go rafting. The kids deserve the rafting trip, and we are excited to get to experience it with them! They have already told us that they want to work on Friday even though it wasn't supposed to be an option, but they want to finish the house we started. Have I mentioned in this paragraph how proud we are of them? :)

Going to post a couple of pics and heading to bed. (BTW~It is 11:33 and still in the 90's! Yuck!)It's going to be an early start. Miss and love you all! May God Bless you as you continue to bless us with your prayers.


  1. 91 at 11:30? Yup sounds like Ohio. although the AC feels realllly good! The porch looks awesome and I'm glad to hear about the rafting trip. sounds like fun! Be safe, God Bless.....

    PS. John, seriously, don't you know the power tool always wins?

  2. Hope you were as lucky as we were today with a break in the temps. But, hey, you guys should be used to working in that weather, sounds pretty much like New Orleans!!! Glad the screen idea worked so you could get some decent sleep. Enjoying keeping up through the blog and wishing I were with you. Miss you all, Oma.