Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workshirt Wednesday

Today is brought to you by the letter W.   W for Workshirt Wednesday Wackiness! We ate our breakfast burrito and hash browns and then I made them promptly go outside to take a group picture. It is so fun to see them all in the same type of shirts! (and of course we had to call them all by their new work shirt names. Who knew I birthed a Roger?! Ha!)

 We left to go back to Miss Claire's and everyone was ready to work hard.

Last night at group time we switched things up and made teams to get all the work done today. It made a big difference because everyone knew where they were supposed to be as soon as we got there.

Some of the group started tearing down the shed's tin roof. It was hard and hot work. They did a great job though and got lots farther than expected.  

John and Ed took a group and got them started on the back deck and I took a group to finish up the first coat on the front deck.  We asked Emily and Christine to go back to home depot and pick up some paint remover for our "oops" moments. 

Everyone was doing fine when I heard a yell for help from inside. John and I flung the door open and ran in to find Ms. Claire on the floor where she had fallen on a loose rug.  (Remember when I mentioned that all of us worked in service?) Our police officer (John) and our EMT/firefighter (Ed) assessed her damage,  got her to a chair,  and our nurse (Emily) got her an ice pack while our teacher (Christine) kept the teens calm and out of the fray. The youth minister turned the stove off. ... and prayed she wasnt seriously hurt.  Ha! She rested her leg and was up walking on it a while later.  (Thank you God!) 

Every day it tends to rain as soon as we pray before lunch and thank God for the good weather. . . What do you think he is trying to tell us?  ;-) This time the teens stayed dry and made up raps and other songs at lunch. I love seeing them including everyone.  They were especially excited for the snack box that the Endres family sent us! We pulled it out for a special treat and even shared the Twizzlers with Ms. Claire... that's how you know they like her.  The rain didn't last long and soon they were back at it.  

At the end of the work day,  Ms. Claire brought us out donuts from the bakery in town. You would have thought she had given them the last food on earth the way they tore into them.  :-D I think she truly loves talking to the teens and sees great value in what they have to say.  (She is my kind of friend! )

We made it back in time to change and head to the beach at Potete Creek Campground. The river was beautiful and the teens enjoyed swimming in it.  There were a lot of gorgeous boats (and lake houses). The leaders Sat under the trees and watched them swim while planning out the next few days. 

After the picnic at the beach we came back for chapel. The message was all about Christ 's redemptive power. Zach did the application points and shared his story of being bullied,  and self harm,  and the phone call from God that came in the form of his friends voice telling him not to commit suicide at three am right as he was ready to give up. It was very powerful and had a huge impact on a lot of our teens.  We debriefed a little in small group and then they were given some time with their prayer partners to discuss how they could use their talents and gifts to work for God. We ended with Hey Gods,  Yeah God's,  and mad props. 

There were wonderful heartfelt prayers tonight.. and it's great to see them going deeper in their faith.  

Praying for all good things for our families,  friends,  and community back home. Please continue to hold us in your prayers as well.   Blessings!


  1. What a week packed full of emotion mixed with exhaustion from all of your hard work. Sounds like y'all could use a VACATION next week :) God is truly working through each of you as you bring blessings to the lives of Ms. Claire and Frank. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!

    Hugs from Cincinnati!

    Jen Dermody :)

  2. Keep up the great work and spreading God's great love!