Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hello Tuesday!
We welcomed you with bright smiles and happy hearts on this very cloudy day. Ms. G (the head chef) made pancakes and fresh cinnamon apples for breakfast. They were super yummy! We packed our lunches (that we actually ate today) and headed out to Ms Claire and Mr Frank's.

When we arrived, we started immediately on building the spindles and handles for their front porch. The landscaping crew got the beds ready and our painters worked around everyone. ;-) Ms Claire didnt have the time to go get flowers for her garden, so she took Emily and went to Home Depot. We had some gift cards left from last year's mission so we used them to "gift her" with them. She was super happy.

Around 12:15 we stopped for lunch and just as we sat down, The rain began to fall. While we ate under the carport, the teens couldn't resist playing and singing and dancing in the rain. They had so much fun. (And I did too. .. from my nice dry spot. Ha! )

When we realized the rain was going to stick around for a while, The teens started picking up, bagging, and hauling the tree trimmings and weeds. The rain didn't even slow them down!

John and I ran back to Home Depot because we wanted/needed more paint brushes and flowers to finish the jobs we were working on. When we got back, the sun was out and they were back to working hard.

The home health care nurse came and visited Frank today. She was from the nursing home they are going to move him to. It was heartbreaking to hear her talk about all the help he needs (and she provides). The idea of having him not in her home really pains her but he will be given excellent care. She made sure to tell them that she still wants to cut his hair because she knows how he likes it. I'm not sure she knows what to do anymore. My heart hurts for them.

Ms Claire didnt let her "brokenness" stop her from helping others though. At the end of our work day she brought out a huge watermelon for us and sat and talked to us. She is so sweet!

After we got back to Camp and showered, we had a little free time. Some napped, but most went outside and mingled with the other church groups. Dinner was chicken and mashed potatoes, and then more free time before chapel. Some of us hiked around the camp and found a trust course. It was neat top see all the different flowers and plants too. There is a creek that borders the camp to play in as well. (I guess they felt they were wet enough because only the other groups got in. . .although when they did the "wobble" I bet some of ours would have. ;-)

As always, They were first in line for chapel, and danced and sang and prayed. The message was about being "all in" and not caring what others think. .. or thinking that you can't be what Jesus calls you to be because of your brokenness. Your brokenness allows God to make you stronger and shine brighter through you. We had a great small group with prayer partners and came back to do our Hey Gods, Yeah Gods, and mad props. The teens got a kick out of hearing a "long distance" mad prop from John C. for McKenzie for bring kool aid. We prayed for all of our families and loved ones back home, especially for Sue and Chuck. .. that the malignancy becomes noon existent.

Heading to bed. .. tomorrow is work shirt Wednesday, so I am sure there will be lots of fun photos on my Facebook page. Love from GA!

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  1. I LOOOOVE the updates!! You are all doing such wonderful work and changing the lives of Ms. Claire and Frank. Thank you for sharing your gifts with this couple including your warm smiles....I'm sure it means the world to them! You are all in my prayers :)