Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Week Away!

St. Michael youth ministry is about to embark on another wonderful week of serving God in all ways. While we kept the title the same, we are going to be staying in Blue Ridge, GA this year. Camp Jabez will house us starting on Sunday, June 22nd. We can't wait to see what God has in store for us. Please pray for our safety and life changing adventures...and we promise to pray for all of you back home. See you in a week!


  1. SAFE TRAVELS!! We miss you already and hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Jen Dermody

  2. The technological abyss that is their campsite has prevented Lori from being able to post to the blog tonight so she sent me her post and asked me to upload it. Unfortunately, I have never created a blog post and can't find the correct way to actually add a new post to her blog so I am going to insert it here in the comments. Hopefully either the laptop issue will be resolved or I will learn how to use this site for future updates
    see the next comment for Lori's Sunday night entry

    1. Hi Erich! Thanks for getting LoriAnne's news on the blog :) Not sure if this will help but I have a work related blog so maybe I can offer help with uploading. You would need HER login to post something new and if you login with her password and such, there will be a link for "Dashboard" in the top right corner next to the "Sign Out" link. If you click on "Dashboard" then on the next page you'll see an orange-ish link button; if you hover over that it says "upload new post" or something of that sort. From there it's pretty self explanatory ~~~ you would be able to copy what she sends and paste into that page then hit "upload" and it should go on the page....hopefully!

  3. Hi friends!
    We made it safely to Camp Jabez and are excited to be here! It was a long day of driving, but we only made one wrong turn. (If you know me and my sense of direction, you will find this to be miraculous. Haha) The ride down was filled with music and laughter and car games in the big van....and sleepers in the parish van. The teens were great about rotating cars so that everyone had the chance to be together.

    We arrived at Camp at 5 (ish) and checked in. After multiple changes in cabins (moving in and out due to the size of the other groups and our "Safe Sanctuary" policy) we finally left for dinner. Lots of fast food choices, so we let the teens pick what they wanted and got it 'to go' so we could eat together at the picnic tables back at camp. We met our counselor Adam...who is from Cincinnati (and went to Lakota East...which Casey promised to not hold against him) and went to chapel.

    I was so excited and proud of our teens. They sang and cheered, sat in the front rows, volunteered for the "game" and threw themselves into worship with both feet. I think they took the message of being Christ's hands and feet to heart and are leading by example!

    The group nominated Casey to be a participant in a type of "telephone" game. .. except instead of whispering a sentence in another's ear, you had to watch the person before you act out a scene and then they had to act it out to the next person, etc. (You only got to see the person before you. .. not everyone. ..) She rocked it!

    After chapel we had a leader meeting and then we got to go to our own parish group time. Christine and Emily talked about the day and did mad props, hey Gods, and Yeah God's (which are prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of petitions, and affirmations of each other. ) I think the teens are enjoying themselves and that always makes me smile!

    The day ended with some bumps. The camp is so far out that our phone coverage is very spotty. We have to walk out to the end of the road or walk around the field to get to a good spot.. so I am super glad there is a land line we can use if needed. (It is the number on the sheet we passed out ..) With that being said, we will check our messages as often as possible and call during our working hours when we are on the worksites (at breaks, of course ;-) )

    Also, the blog might be shorter than normal because we got all the way down here and my laptop refuses to turn on. (Ugh)... so I am writing this from my phone. .. which is kind of a pain. I will continue to post updates on Facebook during the day so you can see pictures that way. :-D

    Please know that we pray for our parish community and all of our loved ones back home. Please continue to keep us in your prayers for a safe and blessed week!
    Sending much love!
    Lori Anne

    1. You are all such great people! Thank you for sharing your time and talents to offer service to the people of Georgia. Stay safe and know that you are being thought of in Cincinnati!
      Jen Dermody :)